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these next generation innovations remain the center of discussion all over the world

CES 2020: This next generation innovations or consumer technology platform attracted global attention

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), organized every year by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), is considered the world’s largest stage in the field of consumer technology. Every year, many Next Generation innovations are introduced into the marketplace in front of millions of visitors from thousands of companies. This time in Las Vegas, USA, this time from January 7 to 10, it left no stone unturned to attract the tech year. As usual this time also various companies in here have introduced many projects and gadgets which have been the center of many discussion like Toyota’s ambitious project, Vovan City which is a city for people to live in Japan as well as the development of future technology It will be developed like a living laboratory in which robotics, smart homes are the personal mobility. Here it is being told about the same technology introduced in CES 2020 which was discussed all over the world during these 4 days.

here are 4 next generation innovations which is attracted more

Uber and Hyundai came together for flying taxis

next generation innovations

A long-time desire for Uber has been to introduce flying taxis on the market in a big way. To fulfill this dream, the company has joined hands with Hyundai to manufacture flying cars for the Aerial Ride Share Network, launched in 2023 by Uber. In this series, Hyundai launched its SA1 concept in CS, an electrical powered aircraft capable of landing vertical takeoffs. According to the company, it can travel up to 60 miles at a time with four people and their luggage flying up to an altitude of 2000 feet at a speed of about 290 kilometers per hour. Although initially pilots will blow it up, but after some time their operations will be autonomous.

This smart toothbrush will change the way you brush

next generation innovations

The world of toothbrushes received a major update in CS when Colgate announced Plock Lace Pro. This toothbrush, which scans your teeth with the help of a sensor, gives real-time information on how snake plock free they are. If it is glowing in white, then it means your teeth are clean and if its glow is blue then get ready to work hard on teeth. Not only this, its app tells you which places you have missed cleaning by creating a map of your mouth and transmitting data via Bluetooth on your phone. Apart from this, if you want, you can also get feedback and coaching tips on brushing for yourself from the app.

Lenovo came out in the race to launch the first fold-able PC

next generation innovations

Folding phones have been in the news for quite some time, but now a step ahead many companies have started preparing for foldable PCs. Lenovo was the first to announce the world’s first foldable PC at CES 2020, stating that it plans to bring this laptop to the market this year under its ThinkPad X1 brand. Weighing less than 2 pounds, this device will come with a 13.3-inch 4: 3 2-inch OLED display. You can use it in addition to completely unfolding and folding it in half. A built-in kickstand also allows you to stand like a desktop monitor and use it via wireless keyboard and trackpad. innovations

You will no longer need medication for sinus pain from this Kilik invention

Sinus pain and seasonal allergies are considered a common problem worldwide. Patients have to depend on medications or special devices to get rid of them. Tivic Health wants to change this situation with its clear up device. This device corrects your pain by destroying the pen signals being sent to your brain through a microcurrent. For use you just need to remove it from your face. Recently included in the Time magazine’s Best Inventions 2019 list, this device will tell you via Vibration that you need to go to another spot on completion of work on export.

Soft in smart insols make your running technique better

This is my favorite Next Generation innovations because it is related to health, This one has two parts, the Personalized Smartphone App and the insols inside your running shoes. Each insole has 32 sensors which collect various types of running data and send it to the app for analysis. After that this app gives you coaching feedback by creating your unique running profile so that by adopting some easy changes, you can speed up your pace while avoiding injuries.

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