We’ve brought three new Twitter features for you

By | 19th February 2020

We’ve brought three new Twitter features for you

Twitter, which has made its mark in micro blogging and social networking services, is very popular among its users. This is the reason that new Twitter features are constantly being added on this platform to provide better services to the users. In the same sequence, the company has recently made 2FA easier not only to strengthen its security, but also to facilitate replying.

Twitter features

There are three new Twitter featuresĀ 

Your phone number will no longer be needed for 2 factor authentication

Twitter features

Two factor authentications i.e. 2fa is a login security feature used by social media web sites. Although this feature was introduced by Twitter in May this year, your phone number was required to use it. After the IF update on Twitter, you can now use this feature without giving your phone number. If you have already set up 2fa in your account, then you can remove your number from Twitter. For this, go to Settings and click on Privacy> Account> Security> Two Factor Authentication. Here you will see three options to activate it. While the first option will ask for your phone number, the other two options demand third party authentication or physical security.

The facility to hide the response on tweets is also available

Twitter features

Now you can hide the replies on your tweets. With this option, you can also hide the replies that you have made on the tweets of other users. A gray icon will appear on these hidden replies that anyone can type and see and engage with them. In this way, users will also have more control over the conversion initiated by them and people will also be able to read the conversion completely.

Scheduling option being tested for future posts

Twitter is rolling out a new scheduling option for its web users that will allow users to set the date and time of posting their tweets. However, according to the company, this Twitter features is currently being experimented with and hence this option has been made available to limited users only. These users will be able to use it from the 3 dot menu on the bottom bar.

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