Top gaming mouse for use in games in 2020

By | 22nd February 2020

Top gaming mouse for use in games 2020

If you are a hardcore gamer or play amateur then this gaming mouse can make you the champion of your game

Choosing a gaming mouse is a very personal task for computer gamers. This is because every gamer has different hands, their preferences and needs are different and their favorite games are also different. So it would not be wrong to say that gamers are happy luck they live in the golden age of gaming mouse. Today their manufacturers are engaged in improving the engineering of their products in the race to get ahead of each other. One of the advantages of this for consumers is that their prices have come down considerably than before. Here are some of the models of gaming icons from the popular technology magazine, Wired, which are the best in their category.

Best Wireless Mouse – Razor Viper Ultimate

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The specialty of a great gaming mouse is that it becomes an extension of your hand. That is, while playing the game, you feel like a part of your body. In Razer Viper Ultimate, you will get this feature as well as optical switches with a wireless response time of less than 0.1 95 milli seconds which is the best in the industry. With this you will also be given a charging dog wow wireless dongle. This dongle can also be stored inside the mouse in case it is not used, another feature is that it can be used both right-handed and left-handed.

Best Carded Mouse – Stileseries sensei ten

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This great technology-packed mouse is an absolutely small and extremely low-weight device with a built-in tilt-tracking sensor that ensures that its position on the screen does not change even if I pick it up somewhere else. . For example, if you have reached the edge of your mouse pad during the game and you need to immediately place the mouse in the middle of it, you can do so without any worries. This feature can save gamers precious seconds that make it perfect for competitive games. Its sleek and approachable design makes it a good choice for those who are looking for a fast, lightweight comfortable gaming mouse.

Best in Budget – Steel Series Rival 110

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Budget gaming icons usually compromise many features that you find in expensive models, but these deficiencies are not realized in the Rival 110. Although its price is quite low, but it can compete with many icons of higher price than it. Although the maximum sensitivity of its sensor is slightly less than the expensive mouse, it does not disappoint when comparing any other features to expensive models.

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