Offline message: use these apps to send

By | 22nd January 2020

You can also use these apps to send Offline message

offline message, There are many applications available on the Google Play Store to form messaging easier, which you’ll be able to use with the assistance of internet. However, recently it’s been seen that the net facility has been close up on the instructions of the govt.. owing to this, users are unable to use data-based messaging applications. Keeping this in mind, information about some apps is being given here, which may make your difficulty easier by providing you with the ability of messaging without internet.

Offline message

Fire chat

In this offline message application, you’ll be able to share text and photos with the assistance of WiFi additionally to Bluetooth within the absence of internet. One here also allows you to speak within the range of 200 feet. Messages shared here also will be encrypted end-to-end. However, to use this one you’ll got to create a user account, so your preparation are necessary before use.


Offline message
This is an offline messenger app that may connect you with other smartphones running this app with the assistance of your phone’s Bluetooth. Not only this, once setup, you’ll be able to also talk in an exceedingly distance of 300 feet radius, provided the opposite person is in your contact list. With the assistance of this app, you’ll be able to share not only the text but also the photographs, you’ll be able to do all this work with none user account, but getting the signal verified will speed up the speed of user discovery.

Walkie talkie

With a simple setup process you’ll be able to convert this offline communication app into a live walkie talkie. All you have got to try to to is tune up to a random channel and share it along with your friend. After this, you have got to press and hold the talk button and you’ll be able to speak when the green light is burning. The person before will got to do constant. However, this can be an open communication where encryption and privacy can not be expected.

It is a peer-to-peer messenger that may send text images and voice notes with the assistance of a match network. to work it, your phone requires WiFi, Bluetooth, microphone and camera permission. you have got to line a singular name before you’ll be able to use it, which you’ll be able to also change later. However this application is merely available for iOS and with it it’s also paid.

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