How to safe our digital world from hacking attacks

By | 4th March 2020

How to safe our digital world from hacking attacks

‘Do not talk to strangers’ means not clicking on links and attachments sent from unknown addresses. Avoiding fast-growing hacking attacks is no less than a big challenge today, due to which everyone in the cyber world is concerned about the security of their digital life, identity, data etc. Cybercriminals often send spyware or malware to their messages or mails, by clicking on which you get caught in their web and they hack your data ID. However nowadays, loans have started refining the crafting of such messages or emails in which they have also started to include malicious links. In such a situation, you should follow the rule under which the practice of ‘Do not talk to strangers’ means that you do not click on the link attached to the number or email addresses that are not familiar to you. Here are some tips being shared for information on how you can make your digital world more secure.

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Avoid Open Wi-Fi

To minimize hacking attacks Keep in mind, public or open WiFi networks are one of the easiest ways of hacking for cybercriminals, as hackers run their WiFi hotspots on the open network with the same name, allowing users to get caught in their traps and use their devices. Give them access. So you should avoid connecting your devices to open WiFi networks at malls, railway stations or any other place.

Avoid public charging ports

Public charging stations are crowded in places like malls, railway stations, and airports. Keep in mind; you have to invoke the malware yourself to charge from these ports. In such places, hackers do ‘juice-jacking’ which can cause malware in your phone, laptops etc. So, you should carry the devices with your charger or keep them charged in advance.

Use secure password

Most hacking attacks are happened because of this reason, everyone knows that you should use a strong password, but still most users avoid it. So use secure password for emails, social media accounts, mobile apps, internet banking, encrypted files etc. To avoid the risk, do not use the same password for the account.

Two-factor authentication

To make your privacy more secure, you can use Two Factor Authentication which is supported by most digital services. On activating this service, it gives you access to the related account only through one time password. You can read about it on Google Microsoft, Amazon, Twitter, Drop box etc.

Use virtual keyboard

Hackers also find out what you have typed on a physical keyboard through key loggers. Online services like Internet Banking give you the facility of virtual keyboard for inputting user account details which is more secure than physical keyboard. Therefore, use such a virtual keyboard for such services.

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