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By | 31st December 2019

This scheme will fund funding in the field of research

The field of science is full of possibilities, as well as it gives you opportunities to move forward. There is research in the field of science which not only gives students the opportunity to build careers, but also gives them opportunities for development. Studying in this field is comparatively a bit expensive, but the (Funding agencies)Government of India’s Ministry of Science and Technology scheme gives you financial assistance, you can continue your study as well. Information related to some such fellowship opportunities is being shared here-      Funding agencies

Funding agencies: Core Research Grant(Individual Cetric)

This is the best research funding agencies in india, The scheme is offered by the Science and Engineering Research Board under the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. Under this, funding is given to Academic Institutions, Research Laboratories and R&D Organizations. The scheme is designed to promote the science and engineering sector scientists. It has been renamed as Core Research Grant (CRG) due to providing core research support to active researchers. This fellowship also supports projects with more than 8 million cost.

Mode of seletion

# A candidate is eligible to apply for a period of time.

# Any proposal which is technically rejected in any scheme of SERB cannot be initiated without modification.

# Multiple projects are not allowed.

# Projects are exempted from this category under special calls. The PI is encouraged for any other project 6 months before the completion of the project.

# Application form is filled through SRB online, and applicants are also called for discussion if appropriate.

Funding agencies: Startup Research Grant (Young Scientist)

The scheme, designed with the aim of encouraging young scientists, has been divided into two new schemes, the Early Career Research Award and the National Post Doctoral Fellowship, from 1 September 2015. While up to ₹ 5000000 is given as onetime payment for 3 years for early career research, fellowships up to ₹ 55000 per month for 2 years under ₹ 200000 research grant and ₹ 100000 overheads under doctoral fellowship Are given in. For new startup or for young scientist this scheme grants research projects in india 2020.

Mode of seletion

# Applicants get notification of the application through the website, and applicants have to submit the application before the date is over.

# In startup research, selection is done by recommissioning and expert, created by the Board of Directors.

Funding agencies

Funding agencies: Ramanujan Fellowship (For Scientist and Engineer)

Research grants for phd students in india, the fellowship is offered to an Indian scientist living outside the country. Under this, students can prepare themselves for scientific research positions in India, through which scientists or engineers can also return to the country. After being selected for this fellowship, Fellows, whether associated with any scientific institute or university in the country, is given regular research grants through the extramural funding schemes of several science and technology agencies of the Government of India. The fellows selected under this are given fellowships of ₹ 135000 per month for 5 years and ₹ 700000 research grants and ₹ 60000 overhead charges every year.

Mode of seletion

Scientists may choose to work in any of the universities departments or other academic institutions and national laboratories, provided the institution is ready to provide the necessary research support.

Applications of the Ramanujan Fellowship are accepted throughout the year.

Nomination should be sent only by the head of the university / organization / authorized academic personnel of the institute

Funding agencies: Empowerment and Equity Opportunities

The main objective of this scheme, called Empowerment and Equity Opportunity for Excellence in Science, is to provide research support to the objective scientist. This fellowship is offered by the Science and Engineering Research Board under the Department of Science and Technology of the Central Government, especially for students belonging to the SC and ST categories. Funding up to ₹ 5000000 is offered under this fellowship, although it does not include overhead charges. This fellowship is offered for 3 years.

Mode of seletion

Calls for applications through the website will be communicated once a year and through the website. The project should be proposed as per the guidelines. The selection will be based on the recommendations of the committee constituted by the board. If the committee agrees, it will be called for discussion.

Hargovind Khurana Innovative Young Biotechnologist Award

It is a renowned research award that is given to young scientists to promote in the field of research. Its special thing is that under this award, the scientist receiving regular employment can also apply. The selected working scientist is given a research grant with a cash award of ₹ 100000 every year for 3 years, the same non working scientist is given a fellowship of ₹ 75000 per month for 3 years with a research grant.

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SERB Overseas Postdoctoral Fellowship

The objective of this fellowship is to build national capacity in the non-frontier areas of science and engineering. For this, students who have completed their PhD in the last 2 years can apply. However, there is also an exemption provision for working research. Students selected under this are sent to the top institutes around the world in the identified areas, besides the US, as well as to the institutions where reputed scientists are working. However, for his postdoctoral work, a fellow has to talk to the proposed post institute himself and for this he can send a letter of acceptance to the institute. A term of 1 year has been fixed for this fellowship. 

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