Amazing village in India, you definitely want to visit once 2

By | 18th January 2020

Amazing village in India, where you will definitely want to visit once- PART2

Amazing village in india, india has known for there cultures, history and many more things. but in indian villages amazing facts are there-

1. If anything is touched in this Amazing village, a fine of 1000 rupees is charged.

Malana village is located in the most inaccessible area of ​​Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. You can call it the most mysterious village in India. Residents here consider themselves descendants of Alexander’s soldiers. Indian law does not run here, it has its own parliament which makes all decisions. Malana is the only village in India where the Mughal Emperor Akbar is worshiped.

Amazing village

Notice board in Malana village of Himachal.

In Malana village of Kullu, if an outsider touched something, a fine has to be paid. The fine can be anything from Rs 1000 to Rs 2500.

Recognized by its peculiar traditions democratic system, this village attracts thousands of tourists every year. There is no arrangement for their stay in this village. Tourists live in tents outside the village. If someone touches a house-shop or a resident of this village, people here charge a thousand rupees from that person.

It is not that the residents here forcibly recover the people coming here. The people of Malana have put up notice boards everywhere here. A clear warning has been written on these notice boards. The people of the village keep an eye on outsiders every moment, even the slightest negligence prevails over those who come here.

There are also some shops in Malana village. The people of the village can easily buy goods on these, but outsiders cannot go to the shop or touch the shop. External customers have to stand and ask for goods from outside the shop. Shopkeepers first indicate the price of the item. After keeping the money outside the shop, the salmon is also kept outside.

2. This Amazing village is called ‘Mini London’

McLuskiganj is a town village about 65 km north-west of Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand. This settlement of the world for the Anglo Indian community is also known as Mini London.

McLuskiganj was established by the Colonization Society of India in 1933 amidst dense forests and tribal villages. It was laid in the 1930s by an Anglo Indian businessman named Ernest Timothy Macaluski on a 10 thousand acre lease of land leased from Ratu Maharaj. With villages such as Chama, Ramdagado, Kedal, Duli, Konka, Mayapur, Mahulia, Hesal and Lapra, this area is identified with 365 bungalows in which Also Anglo-Indian people were inhabited. The colors and appearance of the white people of Western culture would give it the appearance of London, and people started calling it Mini London.

   Amazing village McAlusky’s father was Irish and worked in a railway job. During his job, he fell in love with a girl from a Brahmin family of Banaras. Both of them married despite opposition from the society. In this situation, McLuskey had been witnessing the lynching of the Anglo-Indian community since childhood. He had a dream of doing something for his community from the beginning. He became a member of the Bengal Legislative Council and also ran a real estate business in Kolkata. When Timothy came to the area of ​​property dealing in Kolkata, the climate here fascinated him. The mangoes, berries, Karanj, Semal, Kadamb, Mahua, Bhelwa, Sakhua and Paras mangroves, evergreen trees with flowers or fruits in the villages here so much that he developed his own chaman for the Anglo-Indian families of India Decided to do.

‘Mini London’

In the 1930s there was a report of Simon Commission in which the British government turned any responsibility towards the Anglo-Indian community. In view of this crisis standing in front of the entire Anglo-Indian community, Macaluski decided that he would build a village for the community in India. This is what happened later. Many wealthy Anglo-Indian families living in Kolkata and other metropolises encamped at McLuskiganj, bought land and started living here by building attractive bungalows.

Like humans, McLuskiganz too had to see bad days. People here also remember the period when successive Anglo-Indian families left the place. Some 20–25 families remained, the rest evacuated the city. After this, due to the empty bungalows, the city of ghosts had become McLuskiganj. But, and now it is a time when a number of well-to-do families are working to settle McLuskiganj. Many high profile schools have opened here, with students coming from far and wide to attend. Paved roads are built, many shops of goods have also opened. Many schools have opened one after the other. Also, signboards will be available in most of the streets or bungalows of the township. All these are taking Mini London towards a new McLuskiganj.

3. A village where water tanks are placed on the roof identify the houses

This is the story of Uppalan, a village in Jalandhar city of Punjab. People in this Amazing village are now identified with water tanks built on their homes. Now you must be wondering what is the feature in water tanks, then let us tell you that there is not a common water tank on the roofs of houses here, but there are many ships, airplanes, horses, roses, cars, buses etc.

The tank is Most of the people of this Amazing village live abroad to earn money. Such tanks have been kept on the roof in the village, especially in the rooms of NRIs. Now he is being identified by the tank placed on the cot. Famous families are constructing different types of tanks at their homes. If a rose flower signifies happiness, then a horse makes a message of a beautiful family. If someone expresses his bravery by making a lion, then by presenting an eagle, he presents his identity effectively. Tarsem Singh Uppal traveled with Hong Kong when he visited Hong Kong 70 years ago. While telling his sons about their first journey, he had said that we will also get the ship built at our home. This ship was built in 1995.

The Babbar lion created by 82-year-old Gurdev Singh also remained a topic of discussion for many years. Why did Gurudev Singh make himself an idol on a lion. It is said that as soon as this happened, people started gathering in the village. It was said that only a mother with a lion can sit on a lion. In a hurry, the idol was removed. The image of a lion is like that. The idol of the removed Gurdev Singh is still lying in the kothi.

4. It is called the village of temples and Gupta Kashi.

In a small village “Malooti” near Shikaripada in Dumka district of Jharkhand, you will see ancient temples wherever you look. Due to the large number of temples, this area is also known as Gupta Kashi and the village of temples. The king of this village was once a farmer. His descendants built 108 grand temples here.

These temples were built during the era of the Baj Basant dynasties. Initially there were 108 temples, but due to lack of patronage, only 72 temples are left now. These temples were built between 1720 and 1840. The construction of these temples has been done with good faith. These little red headlines Made of bricks and they range in height from 15 feet to 60 feet. The Ramayana-Mahabharata scenes on the walls of these temples are also depicted beautifully.

temples and Gupta Kashi

Malooti is also known for animal abuse. On the day of Kali Puja, about 100 goats including a buffalo and a sheep are sacrificed. However, animal activist groups often oppose animal abuse here. As far as the conservation of temples is concerned, the Archaeological Department of Bihar planned to develop the village as an archaeological courtyard in 1984. Under this, the conservation work of temples was started and today the whole village is developing as a tourist destination. But due to lack of basic facilities, tourists are afraid to stay here at night.

There is an interesting story behind having so many temples in Maluti village. The kings here preferred to build temples instead of palaces, and the kings vied to build the best temple. As a result, beautiful temples became temples everywhere and this Amazing village came to be known as the village of the temple. The specialty of Maluti temples is that they are built in different groups. In addition to the temples of Lord Bhole Shankar, there are temples of Goddesses like Durga, Kali, Dharmaraja, Mansa, Vishnu etc. Apart from this, there is also a temple of Maulikasha Mata, who is recognized as Jagrat Shakta Devi.

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