Amazing village in India, you definitely want to visit once 1

By | 20th January 2020

Amazing village in India, where you will definitely want to visit once- PART1

Amazing village in india, india has known for there cultures, history and many more things. but in indian villages amazing facts are there-

Best village

1. Amazing village: A village where milk curd is available for free.

People here do not sell milk or things made from it, but give it free to those people who have not gone to buffalo. Dhokra is such a unique village in the chamber of Gujarat, today when humanity is lost, people Do not even ask for water, this village, famous for the White Revolution, distributes milk curd in a similar way, a priest living here tells that they get milk of about 7,500 rupees a month from the village. Get it for free.

2. Ram village is still present in this village.

Shani Shingnapur in Nevasa taluk of Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra is a village in India where there is not a single door in the house of the people, even people do not have doors in their shops, no one locks their valuable things in the key. Still not keeping it closed, yet no theft has been done in the village till date.

3. A unique village where everyone speaks Sanskrit.

Today, the national language of our country, Hindi, is also facing an identity crisis, a village just a few kilometers away from the town of Shimoga in Karnataka where the villagers speak only Sanskrit. Mutturu, about ten kilometers from Shimoga city, is in the news about his unique identity. Sanskrit is spoken since ancient times in this village, situated on the banks of the Tung River.

On entering this village with about five hundred families, “Bhavat: Naam Kim?” (What is your name?) Is asked “Hari Om” in place of “Hello” and “Katha Asti” in place of “How are you”? Conversation takes place through “etc.” Children, old, young and women – all speak very fluently in Sanskrit. Language does not have the right of any religion and society, only then people of Muslim family living in the village also speak Sanskrit as easily as others.

The specialty of the village is that the mother tongue of the village is Sanskrit and Sanskrit is spoken regardless of the work, like the children of this village speak in Sanskrit while playing cricket and quarreling among themselves. Bodhvakya is written in Sanskrit in the village. “Marge sanitized. Gram Sujna: Virajate. ”That is, the cleanliness on the road shows that there are good people living in the village. It is written in some houses that you can talk in Sanskrit here. In this village, children have their primary education in Sanskrit.

Best village

4. A village that earns 1 billion rupees every year

A village in UP is recognized throughout the country due to its unique features. You may have stayed away from the identity of this village till now, but this village has buried its flag in every corner of the country.

Salarpur Khalsa is a small village in Zoya development block area of ​​Amroha district. The name of this village with a population of 3500 is shadowed all over the country and the reason is tomato. Tomato is cultivated on a large scale in the village and in 17 years the tomato has also spread to the surrounding villages Jamapur, Sudanpur, Ambedkaranagar.

There will hardly be any corner of the country, where the tomato grown on the land of Salarpur Khalsa does not go. The area of ​​tomato cultivation that has been going on in the village for 17 years has been expanding and now Moradabad division has the maximum tomato cultivation in this village. Talking about business, there is a turnover of 60 crores in five months.

In these four villages, tomato cultivation in the district is done on 1000 hectares alone and in 1000 hectares. Due to which this village is also number one in Moradabad division. Whereas in the province, the name of this village is included in the places leading in tomato farming. Talking about this year, half of the tomato seed sold in the state was sold in Salarpur Khalsa alone.

5. Amazing village: This is a village of twins, live more than 350 twins

Kodihni Village is known as Twins Village in Malappuram district of Kerala. There are currently around 350 twin couples, ranging from newborn to 65 years old. Globally, 4 twins are born to every 1000 children, in Asia it is less than 4 on average. But in Kodinhi, 45 babies are born to every 1000 children. Although this average comes second in the world, but comes first in Asia. The first number in the world is Igbo-Ora of Nigeria with an average of 145. Kodinhi village is a Muslim majority village with a population of around 2000. The house in this village, Schools, markets are everywhere. read more

6. A village called God’s own garden

While the condition of most of our villages, towns and cities is very bad in the matter of another cleanliness, it is a pleasant surprise that India is also the cleanest village in Asia. This is the village of Mawliannong in Meghalaya, which is also known as God’s Own Garden. Along with cleanliness, this village is also involved in education. The literacy rate here is 100 percent, that is, all the people here are educated.

This village in Khasi Hills District is 90 km from Shillong in Meghalaya and Indo-Bangladesh border. According to the 2014 census, 95 families live here. Here betel nut cultivation is the main means of livelihood. Here people collect the waste from the house in dustbin made of bamboo and collect it at one place and use it as manure for farming.

7. Amazing village: We are deserted for 170 years due to a curse – the ghost haunts the night

Many cities of our country India have included many mysterious incidents in their lives, one such incident is that of Kuldhara village in Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan, this village has been deserted for the last 170 years. People had left this village in one night and left and cursed as they went, that no one will ever get settled here. The village has been deserted since then.

It is said that this village is under the occupation of spiritual forces, this village has been transformed into a ruin. According to those visiting the Kuldhara village which has been converted into a tourist place, the sound of Paliwal Brahmins living here is heard even today. He feels like Harpal there that someone is walking around. The sound of market movements comes, the voices of women talking to their bangles and pilos always make the atmosphere there frightening. The administration has built a gate on the outskirts of this village, beyond which the tourists keep visiting during the day, but at night there is no courage to cross this gate.

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